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Plays, Likes, Reposts & Follower - The 10 best tips for your profile

Good music does not automatically lead to success!

Soundcloud is used by many artists and offers an excellent Opportunity to market your own songs. Successful Soundcloud marketing doesn't just include good songs. Artist also need active Soundcloud marketing.

The more positive reviews an artists has, the more likely it is that he will be successful as well. However, there can never be a guarantee that artists will also be get positive reviews. It can also happen that you do not receive any Soundcloud Plays and therefore none get reviews, for example because the keywords they use are not searched for by users.

The 10 best ways to successfully build Soundcloud followers

For an artist to be great, any aspiring artist should recognize the importance of a strong fan base for commercial success. Whether it’s Justin Bieber's "Bielieber", Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" or the "Jugallos" from the group Insane Clown Posses - Fans and followers are the origins of artistic success. If you try, as an artist to successfully gain a foothold on Soundcloud, you should expand your fan base. Find here the 10 best ways to do this.

1. Optimization of the account and the track list

The first step is to expand its reach on Soundcloud and gaining new Soundcloud followers is about attracting potential fans with an optimized profile to convince them of the quality and thus make them die-hard followers. You should use meaningful pictures for your account and your tracks. In addition you should provide a detailed biography and include relevant tags in your track listings Ads.

2. Complete a premium membership

A premium membership is by far the most effective method of getting traffic and generating plays for your new Soundcloud. For 11€ per month, it is possible to set up a timed upload of an unlimited number of songs. Also, it grants access to advanced SoundCloud analytics tools. Both memberships include SoundCloud's feature Spotlight - this gives you the opportunity to really grow on SoundCloud to explode. You will have to invest a little for this, but it will work out as one of the best investments of your musical career.

3. Social interaction for more Soundcloud followers

Every modern, successful artist knows the importance of social media when it comes to increasing and maintaining their reach. Building a strong presence on different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) can be done via the creative career which involves successes and failures, but many artists refuse in this aspect. The key to successful social networking is resistance. Make an upload schedule and stick to it. Present a post on the objective for the day. The uploaded content can be anything - reposts old content, teasers, tour dates or excerpts from private life - it is important they stay relevant and up to date. Special software to organize all social media Channels such as buffers can enhance and facilitate the whole thing. This can also make automatic posts in Soundcloud and thus generating more bandwidth and Soundcloud reposts.

4. Start a blog

The method of Blogging is the future; Use it or stay behind. Any band and every artist, DJ or MC should have at least one blog going. That's not only a great way to get noticed, but also to start your creative journey document and win new fans with your story. Everyone loves a success story - why not write your own? You should know that blogging doesn't have to be tiring- create a free blog page on sites like Tumblr or Medium, update this once a week and track how much attention it gets. If the fans are into it, you should think about an expansion. Listen to your fans feedback and give them exactly the content they want to see and you're already on the right track to build up an army of fan.

6. Make good videos

One of the most overlooked ways to build a community around your music is to advertise it on other channels. Videos have become an extremely effective way to do marketing. Film important, fun videos (music videos, behind the scenes, Q&A, etc.) and upload them to Youtube, Facebook and Instagram high. Provide live broadcasts of concerts and Q&As and upload them later. The Possibilities are endless, but the further you stretch your reach, the more you will gain recognition along the way. Good music videos are also a great way to get more SoundCloud Plays for the respective song.

7. Be an active part of the community

Your fanbase is your backbone - take care of it. Interact with your listeners as often as possible. Respond to comments and build relationships or even friendships. Find out where the core of your fan community is active and interact with them there. Join specific forums, subreddits, and Facebook groups. If such groups still don't exist- create them yourself. Turn your music into a movement that will be achieveable than you ever could on your own.

8. Facebook groups

Groups on Facebook are ideal for increasing your reach with new SoundCloud tracks, connect with fans and find new, like-minded artists. Of course, you can swing the drum a little - but don't make the mistake to, join groups spamming self-promotion. Focus on being interesting and refreshing with the community and the rest will take care of itself over time.

9. Advertise offline

Even though SoundCloud is an online service, you spend most of your time as an artist offline- make the most of it. Have interesting promotional material printed and name pack Soundcloud profile on it. Advertise your presence at concerts and also casual talks when it is appropriate. Soundcloud offers the platform, but in the end, it's up to you and, your career build-up.

10. Produce good music

Finally, probably the most important thing: Produce good songs. Your music must be good to stand out from the competition and generate SoundCloud Likes. No matter how well you fulfill and carry out all the previous points, if your music is not good, it means you don't care. Invoke the artistic aspects and write good lyrics, take care of good production and stay true to yourself. Everyone loves to listen to good music. If you can convince fans because of your good songs, that's the way for your leveled career.