Spotify Tips

Top fice tips to increase your audience

Spotify is probably the best-known music streaming service.
But how do I reach new listeners with thousands of new tracks every day?
In the following lines, you will learn the five best tips to get better known on Spotify!

Tip 1 : Good profile design

First of all, a good profile design should be guaranteed. That means a appealing profile picture, a clear overlay and a personal yet informative artist description. Furthermore, of course, the covers bring a good design to individual albums and singles.

That may not sound particularly important at first, but the Profile is the first thing a listener sees before even hearing a song.

Tip 2 : Have a lot of presence in social networks

Good marketing is the be-all and end-all here! The success of marketing is especially important for smaller artists. But don't worry, it doesn't have to be a big campaign, that costs huge amounts of money. On the one hand, direct marketing via social media and, on the other hand, word of mouth are probably the simplest and most beginner-friendly marketing options You should have as much presence as possible on relevant social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Because there is probably nowhere easier to get into direct contact with a mass of people, please note, however, that the social networks are not for you serve solely as advertising and they also share normal content. Another The advantage of social media is that word of mouth can easily be stimulated. The already works with simple calls like "If you want to support me, share and enjoy the new song with your friends!".


Tip 3 : The right playlist

New listeners can quickly become aware of your tracks if they are in different playlists can be found. The chance of being automatically placed in these playlists, can easily be increased. All you have to do is sign up using the Spotify for Artists app and get verified. If everything is successful, a small blue tick will appear next to your profile name. This look also conveys a certain seriousness to the listeners and thus passively increases your awareness.

Tip 4 :

Of course, Spotify also actively offers you the opportunity to achieve better rankings. To do this, you must have this at least eight days before the release of your track, together with a brief explanation of what the song is about to Spotify's playlist editors. You can also easily do it via Spotify for Artists. That's how the song ends up guaranteed in the release radar of your followers and also has a great increased chance of directly getting placed in various playlists.

Tip 5 : The right partnerships

Last but not least, the right collaborations can garner you a lot of attention and interest. Influencers such as Youtubers are particularly recommended. You can simply contact them and make them an offer. A possible example of this would be: The Youtuber receives the right to use your music in videos. In return, he does not pay with money but links you or mentions in the videos from whom the music originates. So it is a win-win situation for both parties.